Elle Special Beauté / Forcez le trait !

Unpolished Unknown Pleasures

Summertime Magic

Puss Puss Magazine / Come as You Are

Vogue Ukraine / I Feel Love

Vogue Ukraine / Art Issue

Vogue Ukraine Beauty  / In the Heart of World

Unpolished / Book of Summer

Unpolished / Sketch for a Summer

Vogue Ukraine /1/ 12

Vogue Greece / Beauty

Beauty Edit / Deirdre

Vogue Polska / Winter Night Fever

Vogue Paris / 2/8

Beauty Edit / Noor  

Some Feeling

Vogue / Love Will Save the World

MDC / Gleam Glisten Glow

MixteHere Comes the Sun

Unpolished / Seeing Red


Vogue Ukraine / For the Eyes

Puss Puss Magazine / The Contradictions of Chris

Vogue Ukraine / Short Headline

Porter MagazineBecause The Night

1 /12

Zoo / Rose

Vogue Ukraine / Beauty Story

 Zoo / Special Saint Laurent  


 The Sunday Times Style / Magical Thinking


Vogue Polska / Total Dazzlement

Vogue Japan / In the Heat of Beauty

Monrowe / YES


Unpolished / The Shadows are on Your Side

Vogue Ukraine / Red

Russian Vogue /  Shine

Hanna /"Nothing To Do"